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A small matter but crucial, shouldn’t be overlooked
Ref: “Mae Wong dam EHIA ‘deeply flawed'”, National, November 8.
The environmental groups’ discovery that the park is full of wildlife, including rare species and tigers, emphasises even more that the environmental health impact assessment for the Mae Wong dam is mistaken.
Once, dam supporters satirised the environmental groups as more concerned about tigers than people.
There is an example of how wolves change rivers – the “Wolves released back to nature” project of Yellowstone National Park in the US – where they help control the population of secondary predators and hoofed animals in proper amounts with a natural balance.
They could also cause riverbanks to be less eroded and make more islets in rivers. The riverside vegetation turns to holding the soil surface and the food chain is back to abundance.
In Thailand, how do tigers change forests? The answer would be similar. If forests have no more tigers, what will we take to control the number of secondary predators and herbivores and would forests be abundant? What will help balance the amount of water?
Perhaps we should not overlook a small thing if it is crucial, like small reservoirs in any areas that can substitute for a large dam in forests, and they can provide better results and not make the water management of the country damaged.
Sutipunt Bongsununt

Actually, we love the Beeb, it’s CNN we really hate
Ref: “What is it with the BBC’s pronunciation?” Letters, yesterday.
I’m sorry to disappoint A North Country Man, but the Beasleys are Americans. We know nothing about British English, except that they misspell words like manoeuvre, organise, tire and every word ending in -or. They also mispronounce at least one – vitamin – which is pronounced “vaitamin”, not “vittamin”.
But since they invented the language, whether they are Cockneys, Geordies, Scots or Oxford toffs, anything they do with it is okay with us.
My son Hadrian once studied Mandarin, and he is upset at the habit of ALL newscasters, both British and American, of mispronouncing the name of the Chinese capital. It’s not “Beizhing”, it’s “Beijing”, as in “Jingle Bells”.
Our concern is not with the BBC, but with the ongoing deterioration of CNN, which has lost some of its best anchors (where are you, Colleen McEdwards?) and constantly inflicts upon us the insufferably pompous and obnoxious Richard Quest.
CNN has also become an interminable promoter of Africa, with not one, but FOUR programmes on that prestigious continent, and they’re on ALL THE TIME.
Whatever the flaws of the BBC, it beats CNN hands down. A North Country Man should be grateful for that.

Constance Beasley
Letter on low-fat diets borders on insanity
Thomas Turk’s suggestion (Letters, November 4) that low-fat diets cause obesity borders on insanity.
Dr T Colin Campbell, author of the famed “China Study”, observed that of the thousands of Chinese he studied who were on low-fat, high-carb, plant-based diets, “obese people simply did not exist”.
John Robbins, who was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, wrote in his book “The Food Revolution” that only 2 per cent of American vegans are obese. I doubt Turk can cite any study showing that only 2 per cent, or even 10 per cent, of American meat-eaters are obese.
Dr Robert Atkins, whose diet Turk is obviously promoting, suffered from obesity, high blood pressure and serious heart problems.
I am deeply concerned that if any readers are foolish enough to follow Turk’s advice, it will literally cost them their lives.
Eric Bahrt

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